5 Tips to Tweak Your Diet and Lose Weight

We can never say it enough: in order to defeat his enemy, we must first know him well and also control the various tools to bring him down.

By butt different information about fat and how to get rid of and the various tricks to lose weight, you can lose weight permanently.

Here are a few tips you can do to tweak your diet for your benefit. Not only will you be losing weight but you will be living with a better lifestyle, be healthier and hopefully live longer.

Slimming trick No. 1: Drink 3 liters with lemon

Drinking water with lemon every day is highly recommended. You already know how important water is; but study shows that drinking water with lemon actually helps flush down toxins and excess fat found on the belly area. Lemon detoxifies and boosts metabolism so that it burns more fats than just plain water. This small combination can increase the performance of your metabolism by 33% or 100 more calories burned each day.

Slimming trick # 2: eat more fiber

Jennifer Cohen, a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers in the United States, advises not to choose a dish or food just because you read “good for the top line.” This is the case for some fitness cereal or low-fat dishes. Instead, choose to eat that is rich in nutrients and fiber.

Slimming trick No. 3: Eat a salad every day to lose weight naturally

Mandy Ingber, the famous coach to Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale or Brooke Shields think that losing weight is as simple as this: take a salad every day and voila. By replacing your usual breakfast with a large rich green salad and lean protein such as ham or turkey will actually make you slimmer without starvation. A perfect salad diet is also made ​​up of fruits, nuts and all sorts of other vegetables.

exercise-weight-loss-jpgSlimming trick No. 4: eat regularly

If you want to lose weight, you should never get too hungry. This is the advice of diet Nicole Nicholes, personal success coach. Letting go too long between meals encourages you to eat more when you can eat. Plan to take one or two cases per day to eat with you when crave.

Slimming trick No. 5: Drinking smoothies

Tara Stiles, a yoga instructor to the stars, recommends drinking smoothies made from vegetables. Cucumber, carrot, ginger or kale prevents you from having cravings for cookies and any other junk food when craving for salt or sweets.