Burn Calories All Year Round


Now you need to think about how to stay thin and not to gain those extra pounds you have been working so hard to lose. In terms of weight, you should know one thing: to be thin and healthy is a lifestyle. Good habits are hard to adopt are not to let go once you have reached the desired weight!

Here are some tips to stay slim and avoid the yo-yo effect.

Choose foods that burn calories naturally

If you do not have the courage to go to the gym as regularly as can but is able to plan, make sure to eat foods that burn fats like Cinnamon, grapefruit and asparagus that will help you to not gain weight, increases insulin sensitivity while, even without exercise, will help you lose weight. Similarly, asparagus contain asparagines, an alkaloid that breaks the fat.

Eat 5 times daily

Whenever you eat, your metabolism is boosted. So the more often you eat, the more you can eliminate fats effortlessly, of course, it is only effective when you eat healthy food. Once you have achieved what you set in terms of weight, so split your meals and eat a little bit every time.

Try a new sport or a new exercise to keep the line

If you used to run indoors or go jogging, why do not try yoga? Or rather than repeating your routine forever and doing the same movements that you already know by heart, why not sign up for a Zumba class? By changing the type of exercises that you do to keep the line, you stay motivated and you work every muscle in your body. And if you want to stay lean all year round, it is also important to stop from time to time take a break and enjoy life.

The 5 pounds

One way to stay slim throughout the year is to respect the rule of five pounds. Once you have reached your ideal weight, make sure to take no more than 5 pounds of your weight and should not go beyond. If by chance you happen to exceed this limit, make sure you drop below a little in hardening your diet or doing more sports to eliminate the superfluous pounds. The most important is to know where you are and monitoring your weight by weighing yourself every day for adjustments to be less consistent! Do not pass up the pounds.

Find a buddy to play sports

To continue to motivate you throughout the year, sign up for a gym with a friend. To lose weight Kim Kardashian makes sport in tandem with his brother Rob and sister Kourtney, why not you?

Once paid subscription, you’ll have no choice but to go! And this is something that you can share with someone special. Keep the line and stay slim throughout the year requires a change in lifestyle. And playing sports regularly, even if your goal is not to lose weight, should be part of your new life!

Pay attention to winter

Lose-WeightDo not be fooled by the long winter months. Sometimes we indeed use the winter season as an excuse to cheat a little with our new healthy diet. It’s easy to convince yourself that you can always get rid of those pounds in the spring, just in time to pose in a bikini on the beach for the summer. Of course you can allow yourself a few treats but mostly not let you go and do not let the pounds scroll. And tell you that keeping the line is always easier than sticking to a strict diet a few weeks before the summer.

Attach your mini goals throughout the year

Bikini Summer should not be your only motivation. You always have a wedding or a great night where everyone will be and where you want to show up at your best! Think of all these events before you to go to eat that cookie you do not even want.