Laxatives for Weight Loss


Many people uses laxatives to lose weight but it is not really recommended for losing fat and weight and that is these article all about.

lose weightCommercial Laxatives for weight lose is treated with chemicals. Laxatives are not advisable and although it may somehow become a quick fix for weight loss, many doctors would really not recommend it.

The laxatives recommended for weight loss in this case would be natural laxatives as these provide the amount of fiber we need to avoid constipation. Foods like fruits, seeds, whole grains, vegetables and legumes help regulate intestinal transit that cleanse the body and these if recommended both for weight lose and to lose fat to keep your digestive system healthy.

There are several types of laxatives that are not good for health and the body but there are laxatives that are highly recommended for use such as:

Mechanical laxatives such as spirulina, the algae or platago seeds absorb much water and increases intestinal peristalsis. It is not recommended in cases of intestinal problems.

The osmotic laxatives such as glycerin, lacunose and lactitol attract water into the intestinal walls helping facilitate removal of fecal waste. They have side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain or nausea and you will most likely stay in bed for awhile so it is best to use in moderation.

pretty-girl-on-scaleLubricant laxatives such as sodium and Vaseline that waxes and moisten the intestines to soften the fecal matter and begin to take effect after two days they have been taken. Produce a lower absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.

Saline laxatives, such as the group consisting of magnesium sulfate increases pressure favoring intestinal motility. It is very fast acting and can contraindicate in cases of pregnancy, menstruation, renal or intestinal inflammation.

Stimulant laxatives are among others the picosulfate sodium, bisacodyl and producing irritability and act on the mucosa. Work quickly and as side effects lead to dehydration, loss of intestinal protein, electrolyte loss or hypocalcaemia.

These laxatives are should not be used with the intention of losing weight and thinning. The diet must be followed in cases where you need to get rid of fat and weight; it should be a diet rich in fiber that does work as a perfect natural laxative.

Also drink plenty of water between meals as it helps a lot to lose body fat and exercising regularly will give better results in both the short term and long to long term.