Lose Belly Fat For The Summer!

Summer is approaching fast and with it is the sun, the beach and vacations. But summer is also the time for swimsuits. Many people go on a diet, do sports and try to lose weight to put their swimsuit without any problems.

One of the parts of the body that is the problem with the approach of summer is the belly; everyone wants to lose belly fat. Winter in generally the best opportunity rich dishes such as raclette, fondue and other tartiflettes and so you will more likely to want to lose a few pounds for the summer time.

In this article, we’ll explain how to lose belly fats with lots of tips. Our recommendations will be organized as follows:

  • Foods to lose belly fat and those you should avoid.
  • Belly Care.
  • Sports to adopt practices to lose belly fat.
  • The most common techniques used by stars.
  • The best diets to lose belly fat.

1. Food:

a. Foods to lose belly fat:

You may be tired of hearing it but we’ll repeat it one last time, when you want to lose belly fat and lose weight, as a general rule, you must monitor your diet, eat a balanced meal that is varied and healthy. Fortunately, our advice does not stop there, there are foods that can help you lose belly and we’ll share them to you.

speed_up_weight_lossFirstly, it will surprise you, but you must be encouraged to eat more proteins. The meat course is a great source of protein; proteins like lean meats such as poultry are always better to lose belly fat. Some fish are also rich in proteins like rainbow trout, cod and smelt for example. Finally, the easiest protein-rich food is eggs.

This list of foods is fairly consistent so you can eat various meals, indulge yourself and avoid eating the same thing, which would have the effect of quickly discourage you.

Selecting the right foods is important to lose belly fat but more importantly, the way of consuming it. You need to pay attention and facilitate your digestion to avoid all bloating and swelling of the stomach, which is why cooked foods are encouraged.

Finally, in order to promote your digestion, do not forget to drink plenty of water (preferably flat), infusions and teas.

b. Foods to avoid losing belly fat:

Now you know the list of foods to eat to lose belly fat, but our role is also to warn you against the threats of foods that you need to avoid.

If you want to lose belly fat, remove all that is good – all stews, pastries, cakes, soft drinks are prohibited. We purposely made ​​a shortcut a bit exaggerated but these foods contain a lot of fat and carbohydrates which are the main cause of weight gain.

Last warning for loss stomach; avoid too much salt on your food. A salty food retains water and swells your belly. In addition, excess salt can be bad for your health.

2. Care to slim belly:

In addition to a healthy diet, it is important to take care of the body for you to lose belly fat. Some slimming creams are very effective in this area here. These creams drain fat from your belly and are to be applied morning and evening. Apply with a good massage on your belly with one of these creams to stimulate your circulation.

If you are not convinced by these creams, there are also slimming drinks which promotes digestion. You guessed it, having a good digestion is important to help you lose belly fat, which is why these beverages made out of licorice, artichoke and fennel as it promote your digestive transit and make you lose belly fat.

Massage is very important, be it with creams, or other essential oils, it is important to regularly massage the belly to slim the area.

3. Exercises to lose belly fat:

weightlossWe now turn to chapter a little more “unpleasant”, you’ll have to exercise as physical activity plays an important role. A system to be fully effective, it must be accompanied by a sport. All sports are of course beneficial to keep the line, though some are more effective than others to lose belly fat.

Sports like aerobic like swimming, running and walking, cycling, are advised to slim belly. Practice 2 to 3 times a week for about 40 minutes to 1 hour and you will be guaranteed to have a flat stomach this summer on the beach. These sports push your body to dip into its reserves and thus consume the fat located at your belly. The Pilates or cardio training are also very good sports diet belly.

If you’re not big on sports, you can simply make sessions for the abs when you go to the gyms. Start with short sessions of approximately 15 minutes per day.

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If you are still less energetic, you can take simple little habits such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and contract your muscles.